About Me

About Me

I write gritty, historically based noir crime novels (nothing cozy, romantic or heroic–think Elmore Leonard, Jim Thompson, Dennis Lehane, James Elroy or Franz Kafka) under the pen name Clark Shelton. Torch, the first volume of a historically based noir crime trilogy, is my debut novel and will be released on January 15, 2020.

Recently I wrote an award-winning dark dramatic screenplay produced and released as a short film. I am currently working on several science fiction, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and psychological thrillers. In an earlier career as an attorney, I authored over a dozen published scholarly works, some of which have been cited as authority in both state and federal courts.

To move from the craft of nonfiction to creative fiction, I spent several years in local writers workshops and took fiction workshops at Tinhouse at Reed College, Napa Valley Writers Conference and Taos Writers Conference with workshop leaders such as Jonathon Dee, a Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Fiction, and Kevin Brockmeier, author of the national bestseller The Brief History of the Dead. 

More Boring Stuff About Me…

While I am now a full-time fiction writer, I have worked as a grocery store bag boy, cashier, graphic artist, website designer, programmer, software developer, grad school teaching assistant, technology consultant, actuary, attorney, international lecturer, expert witness and interim CEO of two early stage technology startups.

When not writing or reading, my interests include philosophy, artificial intelligence, mathematics, technology, and B-grade movies.

In high school, I independently derived Bernoulli numbers. I also experienced my first near death experience–no, I didn’t see any distant white lights.

As a college student, to save money, I ate artificial food for a solid month as part of an MIT study for the World Health Organization. With the $5 a day I was compensated, I bought my first stereo from Radio Shack.

I have walked on a glacier in Alaska, bicycled down a dormant volcano in Hawaii and competed in the U.S Cpen Chess Championship.

Inquiries from agents, publishers or film producers may be sent by leaving an email at Contact. Thank you for visiting!